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Author Topic: Tusofke's Application  (Read 551 times)

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Tusofke's Application
« on: August 30, 2017, 03:39:29 AM »
Username: Tusofke
Time online (screenshot): Should be 10+ and still counting
Timezone: Lithuania
What do you think are five important qualities a Staff member should possess and demonstrate?: 1. Patience because this thing is very important beeing a staff, as staff will face various group of people starting from newbies, and people with playing experience, and assist them in need. 2. Hardworking on solveing problems - So basicly help those in need and give the best advices and answer to their questions. 3. Help to maintain a good environment in server 4. Deffinately be the guy who helps solve problems between players and be on no one side, dosent matter if its your friend or not and help to find a solution. 5. Just be a nice person and make other feel comfortable in server
How many hours can you play a day: From 4 - 8 depends on if i work or not.
Previous Experience: I was playing since 2009 played on all lounches and so far seeking to play as long as it requires and as long as server would be online!
Why do you think you'll be suitable for this position?(1 paragraph minimum): Because i am type of guy who likes to communicate with people and help them in need, also talkative person who likes to make some friends, also i was playing here for a while so i think this time i will take a shot to achieve something more than just a cassual player and help owner to make tibikra great again!
Are there any issues we should know about?: I dont think so if there is any, if something changes or not i will contact! since then good luck other contestants and see you ingame!
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