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Title: Anonymous Application
Post by: Anonymous on September 06, 2017, 09:56:51 PM
Time online (screenshot):https://imgur.com/a/LKtGD (https://imgur.com/a/LKtGD)
Timezone:Central Time Zone
What do you think are five important qualities a Staff member should possess and demonstrate?:
1. Have respect for everyone that plays. There is nothing worse than going to a server that how disrespectful staff.
2. Helping others who need help, beginners,or even experts be able to answer the question in a professional manner as a staff member should.
3. Being active. Such a big role, be active have communications and relations with the players. Go bossing with them don't just be a staff member that sits at home afk all day.
4. Helping out the other staff members, having communication with them and coming together to make decisions and ideas.
5. Enjoying the server and being comfortable. If you love the server and the community then you become the best staff member you can be and don't do it just for fun. You do it because you the love the server, the community, and you come back everyday.
How many hours can you play a day:8-10
Previous Experience: Owner of Qwertyscape, Programmer for Dreamscape, Client Redesign for Allstarlegends, been co-owner,admin,and mod on numerous servers. Just most of them shut down.
Why do you think you'll be suitable for this position?(1 paragraph minimum): I usually don't like to say "think" after playing this game and just all the experience I have I feel like I can offer something to this server. I will tell you a little about myself I have a great sense of humor and that has to be my best attribute, I don't hardly ever get mad, I love doing things to help other people. I just enjoy everyday. I have been a programmer for a few years and I have been working as IT for 3 years now for a business. I did customer support for 7 months for Windows OS before that. I have been able to talk with people,type with people, and walk people through the best and most efficient options that they are needing. I am not shy, I love meeting new people, and I enjoy RSPS. I wouldn't ever be mad if I got denied this position. I just felt like the with traffic increasing and during my time zone we seem to have about 15 people on that a staff position whether it being mod,admin,or just helper. I don't mind.
Are there any issues we should know about?:No Sir!
Title: Re: Anonymous Application
Post by: Man1ak on September 07, 2017, 12:18:58 PM
Good luck with your application! ;)
Title: Re: Anonymous Application
Post by: Anonymous on September 07, 2017, 04:40:48 PM
Thank you! :)
Title: Re: Anonymous Application
Post by: Shapaklekas on September 09, 2017, 05:26:22 PM
Hello anon. First of all thank you again for being active community member. I see you have a lot of experience being staff member in various rsps servers and its really impressive. Now about tibikra. Right now we have Rycka and Alex in these positions but you have advantage in time zone. So i think for start i can give you rank in Help cc.
Title: Re: Anonymous Application
Post by: Anonymous on September 10, 2017, 03:44:28 AM
Thank you! :)