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Title: [Idea]Tibikra Death system.
Post by: Shapaklekas on March 27, 2019, 02:24:22 AM
Hello. As everyone know Tibikra is on Major update (http://tibikra.net/forum/index.php?topic=15528.msg30692#msg30692) and it will give us HUGE content and kinda different gameplay experience. And i was thinking to add new Death system in non PVP zones.

You won't lose stuff in non PVP zone (example GWD/Mutant tarn/Gian ROC) if you have bought "insurance". You will lose insurance instead of you stuff.

Insurance price would be in GP and it would depends on your combat as example:
80Cmbt = 5m
100cmbt = 7m
120cmbt = 10m
126cmbt = 15m
These prices is just as example
You wont  lose your insurance in "safe" minigames (example pest control, jad, fight pits and others)

So what do you think about it? Maybe you have some suggestion for prices? Maybe you disagree?
 Feel free to reply and post it!
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